• Rachelle Ann


Updated: Feb 27

The frost bit my neck as I hurried back to the boarding house. My footsteps quickened toward a yellow package at the doorstep to my room. Looking at the label, I smiled.

My first London winter was colder than I imagined. I was definitely out of my element. Everywhere I turned, I couldn’t catch a glimpse of familiar faces. Everyone was busy with their own things and the occasional judgmental looks made me numb. I wandered the streets, feeling like a caged bird swaying her wings, desperate to break free. Weeks had passed and it seemed there was no way of getting out of the dark.

Here I was -- unpacking the beautifully wrapped present from my friend. Sliding open the plastic package inside, I carefully laid all the Lego pieces on the table: the snowman, the coconut tree, the little fireman - each beautifully designed. The bright colors were inviting. As soon as I put the pieces together, I found myself drawn in; some magnetic energy seemed to be pulling the little pieces together. As I got closer to the end, it got faster; my eyes, hands and brain coordinated smoothly to locate the next piece. Once the last piece was in its place, the Fantastic Village became alive.

Putting the pieces together, taking them apart, trying out different possibilities, it was awe-inspiring. When shapes, sizes and colors blend in harmony, I felt the sparks of light in me. As I walked out of my beauteous room after giving my friend a call, I felt a sense of relief... Freedom from darkness tastes pure and crisp, like the blue sky of a November morning stretching in front of me. Life is beautiful when I am calm and composed. Best of all, I do not need to look elsewhere. Peace is here, within me.


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